Thousands ‘At Risk’ By Avoiding Flu Jab

Thousands ‘At Risk’ By Avoiding Flu Jab

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Go to see your doctors in Bedfordshire this winter to have your flu jab or you could be putting yourself at serious risk, a leading health group has said.

Figures from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) indicate that GPs gave more than six per cent fewer flu injections now compared with the same time last year, with doctors now saying they have surplus amounts of unused vaccines because patients have not been making the expected number of appointments.

The worry is that because the weather has been so mild recently, people are delaying going to see their GP, despite the fact that cold weather is not always what causes flu outbreaks.

Dr Maureen Baker, RCGP chair and emergency planning expert, said: “These figures are extremely alarming. We are experiencing an incredibly mild November this year but we don’t need cold weather for a flu outbreak and influenza is a horrible illness that can also an trigger a host of other health problems.”

It can be unpleasant to catch flu but if you’re healthy otherwise you’ll find it will clear up quickly on its own. However, it can be a lot more severe in those over the age of 65, pregnant women, adults with other health conditions, children and anyone with a weakened immune system.

The vaccine against flu is free on the NHS to adults over 18 years old at risk of flu and children aged between six months and two years who are also at risk of coming down with the illness.

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