Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug Testing & Alcohol Tests for the Workplace and Individual Proof of Abstinence 

The Thornhill Clinic provides a comprehensive range of drug tests and alcohol tests for individuals and organisations in the Luton and the surrounding areas. 

Urine, hair and blood drug and alcohol tests are available for any use such as: Random drug testing for businesses. Pre-employment testing for recruitment agencies, HR and individuals. Hair drug testing for safety critical roles and company executives. Proof of abstinence drug testing for legal purposes. Concerned parents, family and friends.

The Thornhill Clinic works in partnership with the Crystal Health Group. Crystal Health and the Thornhill Clinic are the only UK based Drug testing company that provide the following:

  • Drug Testing prices  http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/drug-testing-price-guide  (Inclusive of sample collection and reporting).
  • Complete flexibility in sample collection options.
  • On-site and off-site drug and alcohol testing for companies in the Bedfordshire area.
  • Full suite of sample types providing a range of detection timeframes.
  • Test Coordination and management from a dedicated case manager.
  • Legal identification of all drug test sample donors.
  • Fast instant point of care (POC) urine drug tests for the workplace and individuals.
  • Highly accurate laboratory screen and confirmation analysis available as a urine drug test.
  • Accurate hair drug tests available providing a detailed analysis of historic drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Post drug test counselling services available at the Thornhill Clinic.
  • Link-up and ISO 17025 UK based accredited laboratory.

In Addition, Crystal Health also offer:

Support and advice for development of drug and alcohol policies in the workplace.

Management reporting available for organisations for statistical and trend analysis.

Implementation of drug testing workplace communication campaigns.

Call Crystal Health today for FREE on 0800 988 7107 to arrange your appointment at the Thornhill Clinic, or visit  http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/


Drug Testing