Hay Fever and Allergies

Hay Fever and Allergy Treatment

Hay fever or even dust allergy can be a debilitating affliction, not just during spring and summer, but throughout the year. And, for many, medicine available over the counter is often not effective enough.

We can help in two ways – by both testing for the causes of the allergies as well as providing the best treatments

Firstly, we can do allergy testing which is a range of blood tests covering:

    • Food Panel 20 which tests 20 different food sources including various nuts, fruit and some fish.
    • Food panel 34 as per the 20 but with certain vegetables, salmon added
    • Food panel and inhalant includes dust, animals, penicillin etc

The blood is sent to a lab for analysis, the results are usually back within 3 working days.

From then, for hay fever sufferers, we can arrange for the appropriate treatment for you, so that you can be freed from the effects of hay fever and enjoy your summer.

And that is the advantage of using a private clinic like Thornhill Clinic. Patients can be assured of:

  • Confidential, professional and clinical setting
  • A dedicated case manager to answer all of your questions and guide you through the testing process
  • Fully managed testing from arranging your appointment to results package
  • Fast results in about 3 working days
  • Qualified GPs available to answer any specific questions or concerns

So, contact us to arrange an appointment and let us help you with your allergies, simply call 01582 561 999 and come and see us. 


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