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Services we offer

The list of services below is by no means comprehensive of the services we can provide to you.

Please call us should you require any further information.

  • Private GP Consultations
    • LGV/Hackney Carriage Medicals
    • Weight Loss Clinic
    • Full Medicals (Insurance, Military, Employment)
    • Spirometry tests
    • ECG’s
    • Sexual Health Screening/Tests
    • Extensive Blood Tests
    • MRI/CT Scans
    • Ultrasound Scans
    • Xrays
    • Vaccinations
    • Hay fever treatment
    • Allergy testing
    • Meningitus B Vaccination 
  • Urology Services
    • Vasectomies
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Bladder scans  
    • Prostate Cancer Tests
    • Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (poor flow, getting up at night to pass urine, incontinence) 
    • Circumcisions (see our other website for more information)
  • Travel medical advice
    • Travel Injections 
  • Dermatology Consultations
    • Mole assessment and Removal 
    • Minor Surgery (Cysts, Warts, Skin tags, Lipoma) 



Health Insurance Claim Help

Urology Clinic