Host Lads Night In To Fight Prostrate Cancer

Host Lads Night In To Fight Prostrate Cancer

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Prostate cancer has long been an unspoken topic of conversation among men, but it is important you and your friends talk about getting regular checks with a private doctor in Hertfordshire to avoid leaving it too late to treat.

Despite being one of the most common forms of cancer in men, prostrate cancer has a high mortality rate – with one in four people dying from it in 2013. This is because men are typically too shy or embarrassed to discuss any symptoms with their partners, friends and, most importantly, their doctors.

That’s why Prostrate Cancer UK has joined forces with PokerStars to inspire guys to host a ‘Lads Night In’. The aim is to encourage blokes to get their mates around for a fun game of poker, and raise money and awareness of the disease.

Guys can hold their night in on September 25th, and the money raised will go towards vital services to treat those with prostrate cancer, and research to improve tests and eventually find a cure.

Prostrate Cancer UK said: “You’ll be joining thousands of others holding a Lads Night In and hundreds of thousands of others doing great things to beat prostrate cancer – Men United.”

It added: “High fives all around because you’re doing something awesome for songs, grandsons and men everywhere.”

Men over the age of 50, those from an Afro-Caribbean background, and those with a family history of prostrate cancer are more at risk from developing the disease. Therefore, if any of these apply to you, it is important to get checked regularly.

Early signs include frequently urinating, difficulty starting to wee, a weak flow, a feeling of not emptying your bladder fully, and taking a longer time while peeing. So seek medical assistance straight away if you’re experiencing any of these.

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