‘Thousands’ Struck Off GP Registers

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‘Thousands’ Struck Off GP Registers

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If you’re one of the 35,000 people who have incorrectly been struck off their GP register in the last year, it might be worth looking into visiting the best private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer to ensure that you receive the treatment you need when you need it.

According to a new investigation carried out by doctors’ magazine Pulse, the NHS has been engaging in cost-cutting exercises that have seen patients increasingly being denied cancer screenings, check-ups and delays in getting their medication, with the elderly and the vulnerable the most at risk.

Apparently, this has happened as a result of a programme started last May to reduce the number of people registered on practice lists who have died or moved away, part of plans to save the NHS £85 million. In all, 14 per cent of patients deleted from the lists were reinstated after they protested about the fact, but it is not known how many other patients have been struck off the register.

It is so important to have your own GP, so you know when you should go for check-ups and cancer screenings, and so you can keep any health conditions properly monitored. Opting to go private for your healthcare means you can sidestep all of this and that you know if you do need a doctor for whatever reason, there will one there for you.

Private surgeries are keen to develop caring relationships with their patients, so you’ll really get to know your doctor and will be able to go to them with any problem whatsoever.

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