Breakthrough In Pancreatic Cancer Treatment?

Breakthrough In Pancreatic Cancer Treatment?

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Ultrasound treatments may be the breakthrough that the medical profession has been looking for with regards to the treatment of pancreatic cancer, with researchers from Ulster University finding that it can significantly reduce tumour sizes.

The treatment is minimally invasive, making use of harmless sound waves to treat the disease, which is the fourth most common cause of death related to cancer worldwide.

Tests on the most common form of pancreatic tumour revealed a five-fold reduction in tumour size, with top pancreatic cancer surgeon Mark Taylor saying: “This therapy has the potential to reduce pancreatic tumours to a size which would make surgery an option for a greater number of patients, as well as increasing palliative care options at the very advanced stage. It is a very positive step forward in treating one of the most challenging forms of the disease.”

Because the symptoms are so vague, it can be hard to diagnose pancreatic cancer. The three most common symptoms are pain in the back or stomach, jaundice or weight loss – but it’s important that you bear in mind that these symptoms can be the result of many other health conditions and, according to the NHS, aren’t typically the result of cancer.

If you’re worried about how you’re feeling and want to get yourself checked out, talk to your private doctor in Luton, who will be more than happy to discuss your symptoms. Get in touch with us here at the Thornhill Clinic if you’re concerned about yourself or a family member.

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