Last Minute Winter Sun Deal Dangers

Last Minute Winter Sun Deal Dangers

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If you’re planning a winter getaway this season, make sure you visit one of the private doctors Hertfordshire has available with plenty of time to get immunised.

With the weather set to worsen over the winter period, many Brits will turn to the sunnier climates of faraway destinations to escape the cold and wet. Some of these holidaymakers will leave for winter sun holidays without vaccinations as they haven’t allowed enough time to organise them and this has led to a rise in tropical illnesses entering the UK from returning travellers in the past.

The appeal of a last-minute deal may be tempting with the savings on offer and the chance of a quick escape but a last-minute vaccine may not be enough in some cases. Some vaccines may require several booster shots over an extended period in order to work. Illnesses requiring medication to prevent may need the course of tablets to be taken a few weeks in advance to be effective. The general rule is roughly to allow six to eight weeks to arrange any and all vaccines you may require and information on what vaccines are needed for where is available online.

It is important to get inoculated as, according to a DirectLine spokesman, “…it could invalidate your [health insurance] policy if you contract a tropical disease and have not had the required innoculations before travelling”.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact your GP to ask about the methods of preventing contracting tropical diseases and the time scale needed before booking a holiday. If you’ve recently returned from a trip and have flu-like or unusual symptoms or a fever, contact your doctor immediately.

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