Moles ‘Can Quadruple Skin Cancer Risk’

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Moles ‘Can Quadruple Skin Cancer Risk’

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Keeping an eye on your skin and the marks and moles you have is a good idea, particularly since new research is now suggesting that moles can actually quadruple the chances of developing melanoma – so perhaps book yourself a session with the best private GP Hertfordshire has available if you’re concerned about the risk.

According to the study, conducted by Epworth Healthcare, the University of Oxford and the University of Melbourne, patients with moles are 4.6 times more likely to get skin cancer, contrary to previous studies that indicated that the risk was doubled only if unusual or benign moles were evident.

Professor Rodney Sinclair, director at Sinclair Dermatology in Australia, told Daily Mail Australia that people who have moles need to make sure that they go for regular exams.

“People who have a history of moles and have had check-ups need to look out for new moles,” he remarked. “For children up to the age of 15 or 16 it is normal to develop new ones, but if you have a mole undergoing change, shape or colour … that’s an indication that you should get your skin checked.”

Moles can change as a result of hormonal changes, so if you’re pregnant they might get a bit darker, while if you’re older they could disappear entirely. The majority develop within the first 30 years and those with fair skin typically have more than those with dark.

When checking your skin, look for bleeding, redness, itching and any inflamed moles, as well as those with uneven colouring or a ragged or uneven edge.

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