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Earwax Build-up

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Do you have difficulty hearing? do you use cotton buds to clean out your ears? here are a few reasons why you may have difficulty in hearing and why you shouldn’t use cotton buds.

Earwax is produced to keep your ears clean and free from germs. It usually passes out by itself, but sometimes it can cause a problem by building up.

What causes earwax build-up?

  • being elderly (earwax becomes drier with age)
  • some people naturally produce lots of wax
  • having narrow or hairy ear canals
  • if you frequently insert objects into your ear canal like cotton buds/ear plugs/hearing aids

If you have earwax build up it can cause some symptoms for example, ear ache, hearing loss, itchiness, vertigo, ear infections, tinnitus, these problems normally improve once the build-up has been removed.

If your ears are blocked dont try and remove the build-up yourself, you can buy some ear drops from a pharmacy or some researchers have found that using a few drops of warmed olive oil can soften the wax in the ear making it easier to leave the ear. (after adding the olive oil , lie down with your ear against a towel and let the oil and wax drip out)

Anyone in the medical field can tell you, they have seen many catastrophes resulting from using cotton swabs. From punctured eardrums to super impacted wax, there are many negative consequences associated with “do-it-yourself” ear cleaning.

If you are experiencing wax or dirt build-up in your ears, contact your medical care professional for instructions on how to safely clean your ears.

The Importance of Mole Care In Summer

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It looks like summer has finally arrived and no doubt you’ll be getting ready to enjoy the sunshine while it stays. Whilst overall skin care is essential when exposing yourself to the sun, if you have moles be sure to take extra care. If you have any moles that you are already concerned about it is worth booking an appointment with your Bedfordshire private doctor  to get them checked out pronto.

Most moles are completely harmless and can come in a variety of shapes sizes and colours. During the summer months make sure that you wear plenty of sun cream and avoid staying out during the hottest hours of the day, typically 1-3pm. It is also important to remember that even if you are using waterproof sun cream to reapply after leaving the water. The coolness of the water on your skin may make it feel like you’re not burning but water actually amplifies the effect of UV rays on your skin, causing you to burn faster.

Some people look to have benign moles removed for aesthetic or comfort purposes. Some moles however can develop into a melanoma, a form of skin cancer. If you notice any of your moles change drastically, get them checked and tested. Most melanomas, if caught and treated quickly, can be successfully removed with minimal surgery.

You can reduce the risk of developing a melanoma by limiting your exposure to UV rays, whether that be from outside in the sunshine or through the use of sun lamps and sun beds.

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