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Third Of UK ‘Misjudge’ Health When It Comes To Weight

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Are you looking for weight loss advice from the best private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer? Well seeking help is the first step to a new, healthier you, but unfortunately there are a growing number of people who are misjudging their own weight and the effects it is having on their bodies.

The Aviva Health Check report has uncovered that 36 per cent of British people consider themselves to be healthy, when actually they’re medically considered obese – a figure that has risen by four per cent in the last year.

These people, who consider themselves healthy, are ignoring the life-threatening risks of type II diabetes and heart disease that comes with being overweight and obese.

The report also found that only eight per cent of the obese have sought help from their doctor to try and lose weight – this may be something to do with a staggering figure of 51 per cent of people considered overweight that have no interest in losing weight at all.

To battle the bulge, you need to focus on two key areas – exercise and diet. The NHS believes people should be doing 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week in order to lose weight, however 17 per cent say they never exercise at all.

When it comes to diet, the number of people eating the unhealthiest snacks has fallen, however, many still fail to eat healthily.

This is where the doctors at the Thornhill Clinic can help – with our weight loss DNA testing, we can provide a comprehensive diet plan that’s adapted to your actual genetic make-up, boosting the efficiency of dieting in weight loss.

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Breast Cancer Risk, Study Shows

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A change in diet could help cut your risk of developing breast cancer, with a new study suggesting that following a more Mediterranean lifestyle where food is concerned could be of great benefit.

Carried out by the University of Navarra in Spain, the research found that a Mediterranean diet could in fact reduce the risk of breast cancer by two-thirds, so it might be worth discussing the results with your local private doctor in Hertfordshire to see how you can increase your intake of nuts, extra virgin olive oil and so on.

Estefania Toledo, lead author and researcher at the university’s School of Medicine, said: “Keeping in mind that breast cancer is the disease that takes away the most years of life from women in Spain – one in 13 women will develop this tumour at some time in their life – the results of the study propose a great step forward in the field of prevention.”

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month so even if you decide that following a Mediterranean diet isn’t the right route for you to take, you can still use next month to increase your knowledge of the disease and even raise funds for charity.

Research from Breast Cancer Care suggests that almost a fifth of women diagnosed with breast cancer waited more than a month to go and have their symptoms checked out by their GP – the equivalent to around 6,000 women each year in the UK. If you’re worried you may have a symptom or want a check up, book an appointment with us at the Thornhill Clinic today.

Host Lads Night In To Fight Prostrate Cancer

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Prostate cancer has long been an unspoken topic of conversation among men, but it is important you and your friends talk about getting regular checks with a private doctor in Hertfordshire to avoid leaving it too late to treat.

Despite being one of the most common forms of cancer in men, prostrate cancer has a high mortality rate – with one in four people dying from it in 2013. This is because men are typically too shy or embarrassed to discuss any symptoms with their partners, friends and, most importantly, their doctors.

That’s why Prostrate Cancer UK has joined forces with PokerStars to inspire guys to host a ‘Lads Night In’. The aim is to encourage blokes to get their mates around for a fun game of poker, and raise money and awareness of the disease.

Guys can hold their night in on September 25th, and the money raised will go towards vital services to treat those with prostrate cancer, and research to improve tests and eventually find a cure.

Prostrate Cancer UK said: “You’ll be joining thousands of others holding a Lads Night In and hundreds of thousands of others doing great things to beat prostrate cancer – Men United.”

It added: “High fives all around because you’re doing something awesome for songs, grandsons and men everywhere.”

Men over the age of 50, those from an Afro-Caribbean background, and those with a family history of prostrate cancer are more at risk from developing the disease. Therefore, if any of these apply to you, it is important to get checked regularly.

Early signs include frequently urinating, difficulty starting to wee, a weak flow, a feeling of not emptying your bladder fully, and taking a longer time while peeing. So seek medical assistance straight away if you’re experiencing any of these.

‘Clear Link’ Between Smoking And Prostate Cancer

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Smoking has long been an associated risk factor with many forms of cancer, however, those who smoke or have smoked in the past may want to see the best private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer for prostate cancer screening given widespread media reportage of evidence connecting the two.

While it is true new findings presented in the journal of European Urology have uncovered a link between smoking and prostate cancer, they are, in fact, concerned with the recurrence of the disease in patients who have had the prostate gland removed due to cancer. The research from the University Clinic of Urology at MedUni Vienna has provided evidence that smokers and ex-smokers in this instance are specifically twice as likely to see the cancer return.

According to study, the negative effect of smoking on prostate cancer recurrence is offset within ten years of quitting, so it really is never too late to quit cigarettes.

As for having an effect in the development of prostate cancer itself, the link is still unclear. Previous studies have both suggested and dispelled the connection; however, this new concept fills in the gaps in some previous studies such as this from 2010, which found that while current smokers had no more incident of contracting the disease, it was more likely to be fatal in those who did.

Whether it’s a part of development or not, knowing that smoking will make a battle against prostate cancer all the harder, starting to live your life today smoke-free is the best suggestion going forward, and if you have any concerns about your prostate, or show symptoms associated with the disease, schedule a visit to the surgery as quickly as possible.

Blood Test for IBS Developed

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A recent study has uncovered that IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can diagnosed with two easy blood tests. If you’d like a blood test, you may want to consider contacting a private doctor in Hertfordshire such as the Thornhill Clinic.

Some of the symptoms associated with IBS can include:

Abdominal pain and cramping


Bloating and swelling

Constipation, diarrhoea and other changes in bowel habit

However, Medical News Today reports that diagnosing these problems may be simpler than ever before. Rather than having to rule out a number of other conditions before coming to a diagnosis of IBS and perhaps having invasive tests, this new study suggests that a simple blood test is all it takes to diagnose the disorder.

Dr. Mark Pimentel who is a notable gastroenterologist at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles has championed the world’s first IBS test. He believes that since ten per cent of people are thought to have IBS a simpler test was needed. He developed his tests over 8 years and they are believed to be incredibly successful in identifying the disorder.

“For the 40 million Americans who have irritable bowel syndrome, they now have a test that says ‘You have IBS, it’s real, it’s an organic disease, not a psychological disorder,’ says Dr. Pimentel.

This new test will identify the presence of certain bacteria and antibodies, which can seriously harm the digestive system – it really is something of a breakthrough.

If you are worried about IBS or need a blood test, make sure you contact us at The Thornhill Clinic today for a consultation.


New Study Offers Hope For Prostate Cancer Cure?

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One of the benefits of attending the best private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer is the prospect of cutting-edge treatments for health concerns such as prostate cancer screening. In exciting medical developments this week, researchers believe themselves to have discovered the mutation in genetic sequences that is behind 90 per cent of prostate tumours. The breakthrough means that doctors can start testing for these mutations in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

In equally encouraging news, some of the key mutations identified can be treated by cancer drugs already on the market, meaning there’s no barrier to beginning personalised treatment plans for patients. The next step of the study involves testing these drugs to see their efficiency in treating prostate cancer, which could yield exceptional results in these advanced patients.

The researchers have called this discovery the Rosetta Stone of prostate cancer, in reference to the stone tablet that helped archaeologists crack the code of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, because it has helped to demystify the complexity of the disease and identify the combination of genetic mutations that contribute to the disease. The studies also uncovered for the first time that there are some genetic markers which signal a patient is predisposed to developing prostate cancer, which could lead to screening tests look for this genetic material, in addition to PSA tests.

The study was led by researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, in collaboration with eight other clinical trial centres around the world and looks to offer hope to the almost 50,000 men diagnosed with the disease in the UK every year.

Get Your Cholesterol Levels Checked

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If you are heading to the best value private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer, consider asking to get your blood cholesterol checked.

You may have seen the recent Flora adverts showing how people made lifestyle changes following a cholesterol test that revealed they have high levels of bad cholesterol.

LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)-cholesterol, is often called bad cholesterol, since it contains a relatively high amount of cholesterol that builds up in the arterial walls. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)-cholesterol removes this cholesterol from the arteries which is why it is called good cholesterol.

A blood test will show you how much cholesterol you have in your blood and also the proportions of HDL and LDL in your blood. Your doctor can explain what the ideal ratio and levels are for you, but you can also look at the UK averages to get an idea of where you stand.

If you find that you do have higher than desirable cholesterol then there a number of things you can do about it.

Diet is an important contributor to cholesterol, but it isn’t as simple as previously thought. Dietary cholesterol does contribute to overall cholesterol levels, but not as much as previously thought. Rather, it is important to eat saturated and unsaturated fats in the correct proportions and avoid transfats. It is also helpful to eat large amounts of vegetables.

Exercise is important and regular moderate exercise contributes to reducing cholesterol, as do healthy sleep habits and reducing stress.

Statins are also a possible treatment for cholesterol, but need to be discussed with your doctor regarding suitability.

Impact Of Heart Attacks ‘Devastating’

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The impact that having a heart attack has is devastating, according to a new report from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) revealing how many survivors and their family are struggling to adapt to the changes in their daily lives. If you’re worried about your heart health, book an appointment with the best private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer to discuss what lifestyle changes you could possibly make.

Conducted by the BHF’s magazine Heart Matters, almost half of heart attack survivors admit they have felt depressed or low about the health scare, with three-quarters saying their emotional health and wellbeing has been negatively affected.

The organisation is now urging the UK to take part in a new campaign this February (which is Heart Month), asking people to Wear it. Beat it. on the 6th by holding a fundraising event for its research department to help improve the lives of those who have heart conditions.

Medical director of the BHF professor Peter Weissberg said: “The BHF desperately needs your support to help us continue the fight against heart disease and build on the success of the last 50 years… You’ll be helping us make the research breakthroughs that could save many more lives.”

If you want to make a positive life change to improve your heart health straight away, consider eating more whole grains. A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that by doing so you could reduce your risk of death from cardiovascular disease by up to 15 per cent.

Last Minute Winter Sun Deal Dangers

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If you’re planning a winter getaway this season, make sure you visit one of the private doctors Hertfordshire has available with plenty of time to get immunised.

With the weather set to worsen over the winter period, many Brits will turn to the sunnier climates of faraway destinations to escape the cold and wet. Some of these holidaymakers will leave for winter sun holidays without vaccinations as they haven’t allowed enough time to organise them and this has led to a rise in tropical illnesses entering the UK from returning travellers in the past.

The appeal of a last-minute deal may be tempting with the savings on offer and the chance of a quick escape but a last-minute vaccine may not be enough in some cases. Some vaccines may require several booster shots over an extended period in order to work. Illnesses requiring medication to prevent may need the course of tablets to be taken a few weeks in advance to be effective. The general rule is roughly to allow six to eight weeks to arrange any and all vaccines you may require and information on what vaccines are needed for where is available online.

It is important to get inoculated as, according to a DirectLine spokesman, “…it could invalidate your [health insurance] policy if you contract a tropical disease and have not had the required innoculations before travelling”.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact your GP to ask about the methods of preventing contracting tropical diseases and the time scale needed before booking a holiday. If you’ve recently returned from a trip and have flu-like or unusual symptoms or a fever, contact your doctor immediately.

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‘Thousands’ Struck Off GP Registers

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If you’re one of the 35,000 people who have incorrectly been struck off their GP register in the last year, it might be worth looking into visiting the best private doctor Hertfordshire has to offer to ensure that you receive the treatment you need when you need it.

According to a new investigation carried out by doctors’ magazine Pulse, the NHS has been engaging in cost-cutting exercises that have seen patients increasingly being denied cancer screenings, check-ups and delays in getting their medication, with the elderly and the vulnerable the most at risk.

Apparently, this has happened as a result of a programme started last May to reduce the number of people registered on practice lists who have died or moved away, part of plans to save the NHS £85 million. In all, 14 per cent of patients deleted from the lists were reinstated after they protested about the fact, but it is not known how many other patients have been struck off the register.

It is so important to have your own GP, so you know when you should go for check-ups and cancer screenings, and so you can keep any health conditions properly monitored. Opting to go private for your healthcare means you can sidestep all of this and that you know if you do need a doctor for whatever reason, there will one there for you.

Private surgeries are keen to develop caring relationships with their patients, so you’ll really get to know your doctor and will be able to go to them with any problem whatsoever.

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