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Suffer with Hay-fever no more!

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I don’t know about you, but I have been a Hay-fever sufferer for years now (developed in my late 30’s) , I used to be able to take Cetirizine Hydrochloride or Loratadine for the symptoms but in recent years, only the Cetirizine worked, well thats what I thought…… until this year, oh no, now the over the counter remedies don’t work and I felt awful (almost like a cold but I knew it was the hay-fever) with all the lovely weather we were having lately, I could not even sit in the garden for long before the nose started running, sneezing every 5 seconds, and scratching my eyes making the mascara go all over my face! it was getting unbearable.

As I work for the clinic, I asked the doctor for a steroid injection, as I’d seen patients coming in for that for years and hey presto… the itchy eyes and the constant running nose and sneezing has stopped, voila!

If like me (before working at the clinic),  you had/have no clue what other options are out there for this annoying allergy, now you do!

We are a private clinic in Luton providing a fast solution to your hay-fever symptoms if antihistamines don’t work.

As most people know, Hay-fever is an allergy to grass or hay pollen, which effect 1 in 5 people in the UK,  and you can even develop hay-fever in your 40’s, although most people are diagnosed in their teens or early 20’s.

Don’t suffer any more, don’t delay call us today 🙂

3 Signs Of Prostate Cancer

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Visiting a private GP in Luton for a regular check-up is often the best way to diagnose problems such as prostate cancer early. However, you may want to schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you’re experiencing certain symptoms.

According to the NHS, approximately 40,000 men are diagnosed with the disease every year, with most cases developing peopled aged over 50. The condition is also more common in people of African or African-Caribbean descent.

Here are some of the symptoms that could indicate there are problems with your prostate:

  1. Urination problems

Many of the symptoms associated with prostate cancer are due to a tumour putting pressure on the urethra, which is the duct that transports urine out of the body. Common issues include weak flow, straining to pee, more frequent urination and the feeling that the bladder is still full after going to the toilet.

  1. Weight loss

Weight loss is a potential symptom if the cancer has spread. Many men suffer from urination problems as they age, meaning they may dismiss the most obvious symptoms of prostate cancer. However, if urinary issues are combined with unexpected weight loss, you should visit a GP.

  1. Back, bone and testicle pain

Pains in these areas of the body are another sign that prostate cancer may have developed. In medical terms, the cancer is said to have metastasised. When cancer cells are present in bone, they may cause discomfort in your pelvis, hips and back. Pain and blood while passing urine is also possible.

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