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Should I Eat Red Meat?

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When you are looking for the best private GPs Hertfordshire has to offer, make sure you are keeping up your end of the bargain by eating a healthy balanced diet.

Recent news that red meat may be highly carcinogenic has come from the WHO, with many people comparing it to tobacco, but is it really all that bad?

The news has come as the WHO have found what they believe to be a causal link to bowel cancer and it is thought that for each 50g of red processed meat eaten daily, the risk of colorectal cancer increases by 18 per cent.

This means that if you don’t eat an large amount of red meat the risk is small, but the WHO has warned that due to increasingly levels of red meat consumption across the globe, it could have a significant impact on global health overall.

There has however been some dissent, which follows a year of deliberation by scientists over whether or not to consider red meat a carcinogen. For example, some scientists are claiming that avoiding red meat does not protect you against cancer and efforts should instead be focused on stopping smoking reducing alcohol consumption and maintaining a normal body weight, The Guardian reported.

If you need to discuss your diet, or indeed want to stop smoking, discuss your drinking habits or reduce your weight then you can talk to us in confidence. We will speak to you about what would be best for you if you want to improve your health.

Get Your DNA Weight Loss Test Now

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It was revealed this week that the National Health Service is trialling weight loss DNA testing as an effective tool for combating obesity in patients, but did you know that you can take up this treatment now at one of the best quality private GPs Hertfordshire has to offer? The media picked up on this story of a pilot scheme set up in Essex, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, offering diet plans for patients informed by genetic testing, however, this is a service that has long been available through our quality private clinic.

The DNA tests examine multiple gene variants, studying how the body reacts to specific foods and exercises, expelling the myth that there is a one size fits all approach to losing weight. If you’ve battled all kinds of diets over the years, this is the test that could hold the key to your past failures and your future successes. From the results, you’re advised on the diet you should follow – including the amount of carbohydrates and fat you should consume, as well as acknowledging any of your body’s rogue reactions to food intolerances, such as gluten for example.

Past studies have already proven the efficiency of these tailor-made diets informed by genetic testing for patient weight loss, however, for the UK public, there’s still a way to wait to see if they will become available on the NHS, and even then, how long patients will have to wait for referral. Instead, enquire with The Thornhill Clinic today and you could be on your way to meaningful weight loss before you know it.

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