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X-Ray Reveals Bobby Pin In 4-Year-Old Boy

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Making sure your children don’t swallow anything they shouldn’t and rushing them straight to your local Luton doctor for an X-ray if they do is imperative if you want to avoid a serious situation.

For example, a four-year-old boy who swallowed a bobby pin had doctors baffled for months after they could find no explanation for his fever and back pain, according to the Daily Mail.

Initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, doctors eventually scanned the child and found the 6cm pin which had perforated his small bowel and become lodged in his kidney.

Writing in the BMJ Case reports, the boy’s father said: “First, when my son started to complain, I and most of the doctors who saw him were not worried because he did not show any alarming symptoms. But once I was informed that my son had a ‘bobby pin’ stuck in his kidney and that he would need an operation, I started to blame myself for that delay in management.”

Thinking your child has fallen ill can be a very stressful time – especially as in this case when doctors were unable to correctly diagnose the problem.

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