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New Cancer Cases Linked To Obesity Levels

Almost half a million new cancer cases each year are as a result of obesity, according to a new study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. If you’re concerned about your weight, why not make an appointment with one of the doctors Luton has available.


The survey found that the proportion of cancers in Europe because of obesity and being overweight was high, although North America emerged as the most affected region. Around 111,000 obesity-related cancers were seen in 2012, making up 23 per cent of the global cancer burden associated with a high body mass index.


It was seen that women are more affected than men, with one of the lead authors of the study Dr Melina Arnold saying: “For postmenopausal breast cancer, the most common cancer in women worldwide, the study suggests that ten per cent of these cancers could have been prevented by having a healthy body weight”.


Executive director of science and public affairs at World Cancer Research Fund International Dr Kate Allen made further comments, noting that it is vital to maintain a healthy body weight in order to prevent common cancers.


Those concerned about their body weight should make sure they are eating a balanced and calorie-controlled diet as advised by their GP. It could also be worth joining a weight loss group or taking up various activities like jogging, tennis or swimming. Even fast walking can do an awful lot of good, so perhaps start leaving the car at home and making your way to work on foot.

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